An archery contest in the Himalayas

What a lovely day it was today in Thimphu. And what better way to spend a sunny Sunday than sit with the locals and while away the day watching the Archery contest..

I had gone for a walk by the river when I saw this bus-load of gho-clad men with bags on their shoulders near the archery ground. They were the teams who were competing today. The teams were unloading their bows and arrows, and guess what – the organisers were unloading bottles of beer for the archers. Apparently the beer helped in the aiming 🙂

We spent a happy hour watching the teams compete. It was interesting because of the enthusiastic song and dance routines they did to either cheer their team or distract the opposite team.

Song and dance routine at the archery grounds

Song and dance routine at the archery grounds

We went for a hke in the evening to the BBS tower ( Bhutan’s radio station). The view of Thimphu in the evening was awesome.

Oh yes, before I forget, I had one of the best Thai meals ever today. Baan Thai in Thimphu, where we had red chicken curry and eggplant with basil sauce. The little sis wants to go back there again, she liked it so much!

Looking forward to the hke to Tango and Cheri Gompa tomorrow.

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