Destination planning: Pondicherry

We’re planning a trip to Pondicherry – to escape the heat of Hyderabad. Pondicherry in the height of the Indian summer, you roll your eyes in astonishment.

Well, here’s what: Its 43deg celcius in Hyderabad, and only ( sic!) 32 deg celcius in Pondicherry, so it is like a summer retreat, right?

Pondicherry just happens to have loads of nice eating places, including the Ashram’s dining hall and numerous eateries with Tamilian food served on banana leaves. Or so I’ve heard. We’re to find out.

Meanwhile, Kopili, Appapappa and N are trying to figure out where to stay. Choices are between the guest houses run for the Ashram, and French colonial heritage homes. And strangely, they appear to be about the same budget range.

!!: Prices in LP are vastly different from what makemytrip is showing for the Heritage Homes. How come??

Update : Got a booking at the Ashram Guest House – a room overlooking the sea, Yippeee.. I have been told it’s awesome.  Its very reasonable – 600 Rs a day, for a non-AC room ( no AC room available).

But what is this … no train tickets available. What  did I expect? That I’d get a reservation 5 days before the train leaves? There goes the budget now, we shell out 6000Rs for two tickets Hyd-Chennai by air 😦 >


3 thoughts on “Destination planning: Pondicherry

  1. there is nothing like pondicherry,, one of the most coolest places in south. anything for its beaches and french buildings.. just take a walk in beach road by 6 in the evening.. there may not be much to see(but dont miss aurobindo ashram, french bars, shopping in mission street and a walk around beach)ouside its beaches and old buildins,,but it is a place which slowly grows in u,., enjoy.

  2. Blinkandmiss: thanks for the site, its really useful.
    Varun: We want the slow life – and the good food and wine. Really looking forward to it.

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