Travel Book we recommend: Rahul Jacob’s “Right of Passage”

great collection of travelogues and essays with observations on travel, by a Indian ( Calcutta-born) guy who has been with Financial Times, Time magazine and Fortune.

Right of Passage

The piece on Manhattan inspires wonder in me – how could one be so much in love with a city? I’ve never lived in New York, so perhaps I will never know, but Rahul Jacob tells it well – as he says, he was “perpetually awed” with his first years in the city, and with Fortune. And is still in awe of it today, as he finds when he goes back to the city where he first started his career.

Extremely well-written in a witty prose, this book is great for anybody interested in travel, in learning more about different places and people, and well, for anybody who likes to read.

Tthe preface itself is a great read – a commentary on the way we think about travel  – as Rahul Jacob says, we all love to be considered cosmopolitan. “Even if we were inclined to be parochial, we would be loathe to actually voice such views”.

How true.  So often, we find ourselves trying to forget our biases when travelling, somehow trying to become a superior moral being. But then, we are what we are, never mind where we are, no?


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