Gypsyfeeter Kongkona is back..

Just about.

Lesson for the day : Its not a bad idea to go to the gym once in a while.

Moral of the story : You always have that extra ounce of strength in you to go that extra mile.

For now,let me take you through the journey with some pictures


(Thats me at the at the starting point)DSC_0040

(some routes were nice..DSC_0090

(The second shift of the first day we were cycling along the coast line)



(At one point we had to hop onto a ferry, the timing was perfect as the sun was just setting)

DSC_0174(The Nargol Beach)

The route was :

Session 1: 28Kms (Charoti to  Narfad)
Session 2: 30Kms (Narfad to Nargol )

Session 3: 32Kms (Saronda – Nargol – Daman,1-way)
Session 4: 27Kms (Daman – Saronda)

P.S.- I managed 84 kms

P.P.S- Similar pictures are posted on


One thought on “Gypsyfeeter Kongkona is back..

  1. i have been to nargol and love this place. it has one of the finest beach in south gujarat. plantation of “sharu” trees on beach is its unique fitcher.
    i also own a house there right on beach and it avalable on rent for tourist.

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