Staycation: What to do when you are not travelling out of town

Instead of moaning and groaning about not able to travel to exotic places, isn’t it better to look around us and travel local? As suggested in this cool blog post staying at home and enjoying your local area has its own advantages, not least of it being that you really start appreciating your local town. And add to that a feather in your cap: you are doing your bit for the environment too, consuming less, and burning up less of that precious fuel!

In addition to the tips in the linked post, I have a few of my own that I’d like to share:

1. The risk of staying at home is the tendency to do housekeeping. You see all the clutter around, and you think: let me just straighen up this bed over here, or trim the plants over there. When you are on staycation, even if you are in your own house, avoid the housekeeping.To minimise your housekeeping jobs, eat out as much as you can, and go out for entire afternoons or evenings, so when you come back your house feels like a little safe bed and breakfast.

2. Avoid doing things that are routine – so if the first thing you do is switch on the TV, then pretend that the TV is not working. Or one evening, pretend that there is no power, just switch off the lights and enjoy that candlelight drink, whether by yourself or with someone you want to share.

3. Do a different activity than what you normally would. So if you usually party in your usual haunts, try becoming a morning person and going for a nature walk instead. Or vice versa. Its sure to rejuvenate you.

4. Go out with a different set of people. If you have kids, find somebody who will take care of the kid for an entire day, then find some bachelor friends to go out with, instead of the couple with kids you usually hang out with. If you are a bachelor, try hanging out with people who are married or have kids, it will give you a different perspective on life altogether. Or go meet elderly people who you are scared of meeting wondering if they will bore you to death. It is possible that you may be pleasantly surprised. Or simply, talk to the security guard at the gate for whom you usually have only a nod.

5. Shop for groceries, not at your usual, most convenient store, but at the hip new supermarket where they are selling great wines, or at the farmer’s market thats a half hour drive from your house. It will feel different, trust me it will.

Have a great staycation! And let us know if you tried any of our tips, and if you have some of your own.

< We just got a mail from an organisation called Nature Rocks, that is helping families connect more with nature. We need some of this in our congested polluted cities too.. find out more about Nature Rocks, and their Staycation recommendations here

You can also join their facebook page;


One thought on “Staycation: What to do when you are not travelling out of town

  1. you know the thought crosses my mind ever so often – but then i think of the bad weather,the roads,the depressing suburbs the people,the jam.and i just stay put 😦

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