The world is shrinking. But not for everybody.

I call up an airtel customer care person the other day, to activate international dialling.

The conversation goes like this:

“Of course Madam, we can activate it for you.” – customer care executive in professional tones.

“Great thanks” – me , happy that this was so easy.

“Please tell me where you are going to call so I can give you an idea of the rates.”

“I’m going to be calling Bhutan”.

“Madam, errr… Bhutan? Which country is Bhutan in Madam”?

Me, shocked into silence. Which country is Bhutan in?

Something is surely wrong with our educational system – people are graduating blissfully unaware of small things like who our neighbouring countries are.

When I shared this with Kongkona, she said, why are you surprised? And she is right too – I have a friend from Bombay who was struggling to come up with the names of the states in the North-East of India. Geographical distance = ignorance, even in these days, unless you are a cricket playing nation.

For the benefit of my customer care friend, in case she stumbles upon this, and for anybody else interested, here’s where the lovely Himalayan country of Bhutan is located:


3 thoughts on “The world is shrinking. But not for everybody.

  1. one tight slap only… where is Bhutan indeed. on the other hand, our educational system does need a serious overhaul. we’re all about the cramming and no one remembers a word of what they were taught!

    • Its funny-sad, the way we crammed, and all of it gone out of our heads the day we finished our exams.

      There are lot of changes being proposed nowadays, hope something comes out of it.

  2. :-)If it were upto us, travelling (or even simple day hiking around your city), would have been a compulsory part of the curriculum.

    Welcome to our blog, MM

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