Do women traveller’s have different travel needs?

Its an interesting question, isn’t it? We are trying to find out what the truth is – do women travelers have different needs? Being women travellers ourselves, we tend to think yes ( well, if not anything else, we ask “Donde esta el Bano” than the boys do). At least I did that while travelling in Peru with my husband, truth be told, it was the one sentence I made sure I remembered before setting off. Apart from that, most of us seem to be intereted in the cultural aspects of things a tad more than the boys. And in the shopping side of things too.

But do other women think the same?

Let us know what YOU think. We”re interested in knowing your likes, disliked, concerns, things you like to do, things you hate about travel – everything. Your dream destination too!  Basically, we are trying to understand you, the woman traveller, and how you relate to travel.

You could be travelling solo, with your kids, with your hubby or partner, or in your girl group, does not matter, as long as you love and enjoy travel!


2 thoughts on “Do women traveller’s have different travel needs?

  1. You are right,,,, Donde esta el Bano is one of the most important questions. I travelled as a woman solo for quite a while, now I travel with my daughter so other things I am concerned is about security (night trains… ) yes, cultural aspects, but also meeting locals is a thing i try to do as well. In my case, i also would say that I am less tempted by sports performances.

  2. Hi Maria – how much travelling with a kid changes your attitude! Now that I am travelling with my 3 year old, I’m also worried more about food now, and long road trips are scary. So are long flights!

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