Check out this Tata Airlines route in 1939

Interesting pamphlet for Tata Airlines ( the only one flying in India at that time) in the pre-Independence times. I am surprised that quite a bit of the country was actually well-connected – but seems like the East, not to mention the NE, was even then  a wee bit neglected.


Compare that, to this, a map of the major airports in India today, and its simply staggering.



3 thoughts on “Check out this Tata Airlines route in 1939

  1. wow amazing..i had no idea..west and south was so much prominent in those days in comparison to north and east…thanks for sharing such an interesting fact. 🙂

  2. Yes – what puzzles me though is why Calcutta is not linked. It was a major city in British India, in the beginning at least.

  3. Had read it somewhere before it became nationalised it was so much on time that people used to set their watches on Tata Flight’s that with Air India mess now !

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