A short road trip

I was never a big fan of road trips.Because a) I get claustrophobic inside a car after some time b) I get bored.Also, I don’t love driving and I am bad with directions and reading the map,and I will keep changing the radio channels and flipping the songs ,driving the driver nuts.In short, I am a bad road trip partner.

Still it was my idea to do a road trip .We drove 533kms to the relatively secluded Tarkarli Beach,in Malvan- the heartland of Malvani cuisine.Yes, fish fish and some more fish.

It was a 12 hour drive through Western Ghats.More than the beach, it was the drive which turned out to be more breathtaking.I am yet to see anything more green than the Western Ghats during the monsoons.As if someone went up the hills and poured buckets of paint over . Various shades, carpeting the rolling hills, leaving not a square inch of earth bare.That freshest  shade of green that makes you feel healthy and good.

Leaving you with some pictures





I think a Konkan rail journey is up next.


DSCF8165Our faithful chariot.Great mileage and awesome legspace.

One thought on “A short road trip

  1. yup the car, drive and driver were all good 🙂
    definitely agree on the point of flipping songs..not quite sure about you not loving driving..i thought you are always eager to snatch the driver’s seat from me

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