Golfing in Upper Assam

Here’s a tongue twister, say this fast: “Tee-time in ten tea spots”. Read on if you could do that!

The Tinsukia District of Upper Assam is a beautiful part of the country, dotted with numerous tea gardens and golf-courses. I have put together a map showing the ten best known golf-courses (some housed in tea-estates) in this part of the country, along with details of each course (credits due to Upper Assam Golf Association & Golf Gaga). Click on the pins to see the details!

You can fly into Dibrugarh, and easily spend two leisurely, golf-and-tea filled weeks exploring this part of the country. While at it, you make several interesting & unique excursions:

  • The Dibru-Saikhowa National Park (part of the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot), known for wild Feral Horses and many rare migratory birds.
  • The 100+ year old Oil Fields in Digboi, and the still operational Oil Refinery.
  • The World War II Cemetery & the Centenary Eco-Tourism Park near Digboi.
  • The Coal Fields of Margherita, and the Stilwell Road ahead of Margherita that goes up to the Burma border.

Happy tripping, and write to us at if you would like to arrange a Golf & Tea Trip to Upper Assam.

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