Published Travel Articles written by us

Links to some of our published articles

Hindustan Times, 27th June 2009(Stilwell Road, Indo-Burma border)

Hindustan Times ,9th May 2009 (Majuli, Brahmaputra)

Eclectic Magazine, March 2009(Margherita,Assam)

Marie Claire, July 2009, (Cappadocia ,Turkey)

Outlook Lounge  , May 2009,  (Cave Walking, Meghalaya)Kanchuki

Hindustan Times, Aug 2009 ( Western Bhutan – Paro, Thimphu, Punakha)

India Today Travel Plus, Nov 2010 (Spelunking in Meghalaya)Kongkona

Triple Thrill, Mumbai Mirror, Nov 2010, (Kongkona)

6 thoughts on “Published Travel Articles written by us

  1. If you had a fourth article, you’d probably have listed it with a space on either side of the comma 😉

  2. hi kongkona
    Recently i got a chance to visit majuli . Was on official tour. Coming back i just searched for your visiting card u gave me during the meet at cotton organized by FASS. Was about to suggest you to organize majuli trip. But its already there in ur forthcoming plan.
    Gud to see that.

    Majuli memories will haunt everyone who visit d place.

    Keep it up Kongkona

    • Thanks Ashima, yes, we do take our guests to Majuli, some spend a lot of time there to explore the villages and Sattras. Thanks for writing to us, and do keep suggesting more around what we can showcase from the North-east.

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