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  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you guys arrange short trips of 2-3 days too? Also, have you like ever tried arranging a one on an Enfield?

    Just curious ‘coz I do trips on Enfield a lot and usually they are like 1200 Kms (both sides) in 3 days… was wondering if you guys are into that kinda stuff too I’ll get company and may be better planned trips.


    • Hi, My husband Arun has an Enfield bike and is looking for company to ride too. We are not presently doing such trips, but hmm.. its an interesting idea. Meanwhile, where are u located? You have one person for company at least.

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  3. I am interested in Dec 26 th schedule of Cheerapoonji trip . What will be the rates ? And are there any other adventurous trip coming up ?

  4. Hi! We are wondering if you have proposals for December between chirstmas and newyear ? (We will be travelling with child of 7 years)

  5. Hi
    Chanced upon your website while surfing–liked what I saw.
    I love to travel in all seasons for all reasons–especially with compatible company.
    I’m a Delhi based fighting fit professional in late forties, have been trekking for long, been on a jeep-safari from Manali to Leh.
    If this is not exclusively for gals, would you pl. notify me of future trips
    Rajesh Gupta

  6. Hey,

    I am based out of Delhi and I am very very interested in the upcoming trip to Bhutan (April 2010). I would require more details like cost, conveyance, flight tickets, visa requirements, coordinator from your side etc.

    There are two of us who are interested.

    Would be great if you can send me an email to


  7. Hi,

    I am very much interested in the North-East trip (June 5 – 13th ’10). Could you please help me with it’s cost and other pertinent details?

  8. My best time is travelling. Please let me know about the trip plan. Is there any option for a single person or two to join your group during trip. Please let me know about the latest trip you are planning. Even update me with the procedure to get in touch with you and if so your contact information.


  9. We are a group of 6 adults and 6 children, we would like to visit Kaziranga in Jan2011(1st week say Jan 1st to 7th), could you let me know the accomodation/airline options?

  10. Hi! Read an article about u guys in the mumbai mirror and was fascinated. Have always longed to travel to the north east. M currently based in mumbai. was wondering if you have proposals for December between christmas and new year ? Do let me know.

  11. Hey Gurls & Guy(s) !

    Excellent coverage in MM and truly off the beaten track !…so spent sometime browsing thru ur adventures and very friendly website u have….Cheers !

    Had a long trip to the NE many moons back from Guwahati, Silchar, Haflong, Shillong etc..the heart yearns for more, specially Arunachal, Bhutan, Assam at Bihu so would love to bundle into one of ur groups sometime…do keep me on ur mailing list & hope to connect with u’ll

    & Best wishes to u Kanchuki on this Venture !…from ISB to MS and then to hear the heart’s calling needs a lot of gumption !

    Cheers !
    -Sanjay B.

  12. Hi Folks:

    I understand that you are doing a wonderful job of taking the trvaller to experience the enchanting North East.

    Would be happy to know if you would be able to organize a individualized trip for 3persons from Bangalore, to cover Guwahati and other areas in 7days. Please also suggest the pricing options and itineraries. It would be our first visit to North East and wish to know your insights on what the best trails are and how many days one need to allocate for each itinerary etc.

    Look forward.

  13. Hi! Read an article about u guys in the bangalore mirror and was fascinated. I am currently based in bangalore. was wondering if you have proposals for December between christmas and new year ? will be travelling with a child 7yrs. would be interested in Birding and wildlife trip ( scheduled on request). Do let me know.

  14. Hello
    I am interested in the rates for the 8 days Bhutan. We want to fly into Paro from Bagdoga but drive down to Phuntshuling stay there and drive to Bagdogra and fly out of Bagdorgra. Can you customize our trip and is it possible to drive thru Tsimalakha and Chukha while driving down to Phuntshuling.
    Please give me a rate from and to Bagdogra.
    We are 2 adults and 2 children.

  15. Want to customize a 8 day trip to Bhutan for 2 adults and 2 kids. Want to fly to Paro from Bagdogra. Drive back to Phuntshuling and then Bagdogra. Please send me an estimate of the cost.

  16. Hi,
    I would like to know if you have any organised trips to Bhutan in May 2011. I’m from Bangalore, and would like to travel with a friend for a week. Is it possible for you to suggest any customised iteneraries and price options. Looking forward to your reply.

  17. hello am interested in the nagaland trip……………..would like to know dates and other details for it…………..thanks .kamal sujan

    • Hi Genevieve – we dont do short trips .. yet. But you are welcome to join any of our longer duration trips whenever you can make the time.

  18. Hello

    I would like a customised holiday to the north east starting jan 2 for 12 days.. will appreciate if you could call 9819990318.. to discuss .. thanks..

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