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A weekend trip to Amritsar

Though I had been in Chandigarh for 6 months, I had not travelled much within Punjab. The pull of the hills had been strong, and I had used every free weekend to travel to places in Himachal Pradesh.  However, with parents visiting and my traveller mom already having been to Shimla and Manali, we decided […]
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Old Magazine House, Dandeli: the perfect birding destination

THE OLD MAGAZINE HOUSE It was the name that caught my attention first. Magazine house? A place where ammunition was stored? The photographs of the cottages looked good, but none of them told me why the place was named such. Nevertheless, a rose by another name and such and such the bard had pronounced. And […]
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A short road trip

I was never a big fan of road trips.Because a) I get claustrophobic inside a car after some time b) I get bored.Also, I don’t love driving and I am bad with directions and reading the map,and I will keep changing the radio channels and flipping the songs ,driving the driver nuts.In short, I am […]
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Cave Walking article by Gypsyfeeter Kanchuki

When we are not travelling

..we are writing about our travels Gypsyfeeter Kanchuki’s story “Crossing Borders” was published in the Mumbai edition of Hindustan Times,last Saturday Kanchuki recounts her experiences of stepping over to Burma, taking the historic Stilwell Road – a long forgotten road, that connects India to China,via Burma.

Gypsyfeeter Kongkona is back..

Just about. Lesson for the day : Its not a bad idea to go to the gym once in a while. Moral of the story : You always have that extra ounce of strength in you to go that extra mile. For now,let me take you through the journey with some pictures (Thats me at […]
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In the company of nuns in Bhutan

The little sis and I had a great experience chatting with the nuns at the oldest nunnery in Bhutan. We had to work hard to get to the place – an hour of hiking uphill along some lovely forests of pine, fir and rhododendrons ( etho-metho in Bhutanese ). The trail to Kila Goempa was […]
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An archery contest in the Himalayas

What a lovely day it was today in Thimphu. And what better way to spend a sunny Sunday than sit with the locals and while away the day watching the Archery contest.. I had gone for a walk by the river when I saw this bus-load of gho-clad men with bags on their shoulders near […]
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Rann of Kutch

And what am I upto ? Travelling. And writing about travelling. I have had a couple of articles published and few more lined up.. And as before, I can only  leave you with pictures for now.  For reasons of bread and butter  I am unable to do an actual post on my travels.As yet. The […]
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A land with no borders

While at home this time,I arranged the photo albums and came across a very old black and white picture,frayed at the edges. Behind it my father had scribbled in  officialese  “Bhutanese crossing the Manas River  on the way to the local market”. Its a picture I have come across before and every time I looked […]
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