A little more about the folks who run Gypsyfeet Travels.


After an engineering degree from BITS Pilani  and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Kanchuki worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft in Hyderabad, India and in Redmond, USA. Following her love for travel, she founded Gypsyfeet Travels in order to help people explore the North-Eastern Region of India, which is her homeland.

She is passionate about immersive and sustainable travel, and specially loves to cater to families, women, older people who otherwise would not explore off-beat destinations.

Her other interests include education, specifically the field of applied learning. She is working with multiple educational institutions to help them strengthen applied learning opportunities for students.

The photograph below is taken from the Everest Base Camp trek – Kanchuki is an avid trekker. Her last major trek was to Stok Kangri (6100m).

 Read more about her experiences : www.kopili.wordpress.com

Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman

Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman is our resident expert on the North-Eastern region, travelling on a average 20 days in a month driving over hills, mountains and plains, through villages, small towns and cities, meeting people and exploring places. His PhD research work on cross-border exchanges, development and migration takes him to new places and experiences. He has published several papers on the subject at seminars in India and abroad, and loves to engage in a wide variety of topics. He manages Gypsyfeet operations and engages with clients to work on a customised itinerary that allows people to experience the region in a holistic manner.



Kongkona, co-founder and currently Eternal Advisor :

Kongkona is currently based in London and works as an international development consultant .She has undertaken assignments in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Guyana, Nigeria, India, Trinidad and Tobago for various bi-lateral and multi-lateral organisations including DFID, IADB, World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and UN EcoSoc. Her focus in private sector led economic growth programmes.She also promotes pro-poor tourism efforts in Eastern Himalayas and advises responsible tourism organisations in the region.

If she is not travelling for work, Kongkona travels for fun and gets lost often -walking the cobbled streets of Brugges or the trails of Scotland Highlands, meandering in the bazaars of Istanbul or sailing the islands of Caribbean. Among her other talents, she claims she can scent a good deal and a good meal miles away. She refuses to use a selfie-stick.


We got a seasoned photographer travelling with us on some of our jaunts. She effortlessy juggles between the paint brush and her Nikon.




28 thoughts on “ABOUT US

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  2. awesome stuff! totally admire what you girls are doing…btw im afellow gypsy too, infact i blog at gypsyfeetwalking!! 🙂
    good to bump into you! will keep coming for more!

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  4. got here from “Mad Momma’s” blog…loved your site, took the survey…loved it..feeling excited on getting such an opportunity..hoping to see you sometime on some trip, together may b…:)

  5. im from pakistan and im so jealous i cant do this!! you guys rock and its amazing to know there are women like you this side of our world also.

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  7. Reached….. Bhutan.. I can see picture back ground of Taksang Monastery “Tiger’s Nest”. One of the Bhutan’s insight highlight of the trip!!

  8. Fantastic initiative… will spread the word among friends etc and will get in touch once I’m ready to set off on a trip to your part of our country! Best, Ashwin.

  9. hi..lovely initiative..but i am concerned about the budget..for example, how much would a trip to shillong or gangtok (5 day trip) for 3 to 4 people cost..besides budget we are also concerned about security..thanks for your help 🙂

  10. Wonderful concept of giving a more deeper meaning and connection to travels. Some day I hope to participate on on one of your travels.

    Wishing you all the success you richly deserve.

  11. Kudos!!! Please let me know if I can get e-mail reminders for your upcoming trips. That will be awesome. I am looking to tramp along with ya ppl 🙂 ASAP!

  12. it’s fantastics idea by ur team 2 give opportunistic to other part of people to know d Northeast of india through travelling…. 1st jan’11 i met Mr. Mirza at bhalukpong, he was coming their with a family from mumbai, i was their to enjoy natural beauty on my holiday…
    really excellent guys…hope i wil also participate 1dys of ur future trip…

  13. Hi there!

    Im Juhi Jha, I run a nature based travel promotion business in the UK called Good Earth Voyages. We promote unique nature based activity providers and home grown lodging establishments in naturally unique destinations.

    We usually work together with local biodiversity specialists and property owners to work out promotion modalities- and because of our focus on benefitting the local communities, our business method is innovative, whereby we do not work on “marketing fees” etc.

    We’re currently working with local businesses from Tanzania and Seychelles and promoting them among nature enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Your region of operations is of direct interest to us and we would definitely be interested in promoting your products on our platform.

    I invite you to have a look at http://www.goodearthvoyages.com and send me an email with your thoughts about the above mentioned ideas to info@goodearthvoyages.com

    I am planning to travel to India in April and perhaps if we made some progress with this by then, it would be great if I could meet someone from Gypsy Feet in person.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Kind regards
    Juhi Jha

  14. Hi,
    & One special “Hi” to Mirza….
    You guys are doing a really great work…promoting the real North-East, which is also a dream of mine. Just to realize this dream, I too came back from Delhi and started a traveling house in Assam. A traveler by passion, it will be great if we meet up some time.

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