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A short road trip

I was never a big fan of road trips.Because a) I get claustrophobic inside a car after some time b) I get bored.Also, I don’t love driving and I am bad with directions and reading the map,and I will keep changing the radio channels and flipping the songs ,driving the driver nuts.In short, I am […]
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Gypsyfeet all set for the next destination -Bhutan

Chasing the Thunder Dragon (SEPT 19th -SEPT 29th) Did you ever think you would? –  Dance with snow-lions and banter with the clowns at a colorful festival? –  Try a fiery dish of chilies and cheese? –  Hike into a gravity defying monastery & then soak in a stone bath? – Be blessed by a […]
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Kausiki’s photostream: Apatani tribes of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro,of Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal is home to the Apa-tanis,one of the oldest tribes based in Arunachal.One distinguishing factor of the Apatanis are the facial tattoos and the nose plugs worn by the women. Kausiki captures the “look” in these photos.

Gypsyfeeter Kongkona is back..

Just about. Lesson for the day : Its not a bad idea to go to the gym once in a while. Moral of the story : You always have that extra ounce of strength in you to go that extra mile. For now,let me take you through the journey with some pictures (Thats me at […]
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